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Ultrasonic Couplant Function


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1. The role of ultrasonic Couplant:

     Ultrasonic couplant refers to a layer of sound-transmitting medium applied between the probe and the workpiece surface.

     The main role of ultrasonic Couplant is to exclude the air between the probe and the surface of the workpiece under test, the ultrasonic energy can penetrate the workpiece under test to ensure that there is sufficient sound intensity on the detection of surface transmittance, in order to achieve the purpose of testing. In addition, a certain degree of mobility of the coupling agent can also reduce the friction, when used in the direct contact method to detect the movement of the probe on the workpiece lubrication and extend the life of the role of the probe.

2 Ultrasonic couplant applications:

     ultrasonic Couplant is mainly used for industrial testing, industrial thickness measurement.

     Ultrasonic couplant for boilers, pipes, pressure vessels, steel structures, shipbuilding and so on

     Ultrasonic couplant agent for steel, welding, casting, forging ultrasonic flaw detection and thickness measurement.

     However, industrial couplers are mainly oil, transformer oil, grease, glycerin, water glass (sodium silicate Na2SiO3) or industrial glue, chemical paste, or commercial coupons for ultrasonic testing, even household cleaners Can be used as a ultrasonic Couplant.