Wireless IOT System

Sensors play a role in data collection in the Internet of Things, and the use of wireless sensors can greatly simplify the wiring and installation of iot systems, improving the flexibility and scalability of the system. The combination of the Internet of Things and wireless sensors can realize a wider range of applications, making the Internet of Things system more intelligent.

4G/LORA/NB-IOT Wireless Sensor

Data Acquisition Module

Cloud Platform

Our IoT Sensor Solutions In Different Industries

Here are some industries that could benefit from the use of IOT sensor system

IOT Agriculture

From water management to monitoring crops and livestock, sensors, modules, and gateways work together to provide accurate real-time information collection and review to make more informed decisions.

IOT Medical

The application of smart medical devices, such as intelligent robots and intelligent bed management systems, improves the accuracy and safety of medical operations. The medical information will be digitized and interconnected to realize the sharing of medical resources and the intelligence of medical process.

IOT Logistics

Asset tracking is the most common use of iot in logistics and transportation, and iot sensors can be embedded in transportation systems to send real-time information about the transportation process.

Why Choose Our Iot Sensors?

Industrial one-stop IOT sensor system

Low-Power Design

Battery life up to 8-10 years

Real-Time & Recording Data

Real-time data, historical data, data reports

Alarm & Multi-Account Monitoring

SMS warning, wechat alarm, drop the alarm





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