Electricity Energy

Power and energy are the foundation of modern social and economic development, and almost all industries are inseparable from power and energy supply.

With the continuous development of society, the demand for electricity and energy is also rising. Under the premise of meeting the economic and reliable premise, constantly increasing the proportion of clean and renewable energy in the energy structure, efficient and safe use of resources, has become a new challenge for the power and energy industry.

The safety production efficiency of thermal power generation or gas power generation is improved, the environmental protection requirements of pollutant emissions, the conversion efficiency of renewable energy such as solar energy is improved, the cost is reduced, and the energy storage is safe and has a long life.

GAIMC, The Ideal Sensor Solutions Partner

GAIMC can provide water quality analysis and temperature monitoring products, as well as specialized solutions to meet the specific application needs of the electric energy industry.

In the boiler water vapor cycle, gas power station processes, you can detect the pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen in the loop to ensure that the relevant water quality parameters are within a reasonable range, so as to reduce the corrosion of pipelines and equipment, extend the service life, and avoid unexpected downtime. It can provide temperature sensors or temperature transmitters that can be used under high temperature and severe vibration conditions to detect the temperature of water and steam in the loop to ensure reliable and efficient operation of the entire process.

In the process of photovoltaic power generation, the temperature of the solar panel can be detected to improve the conversion efficiency of light energy and electric energy; It can detect the terminal and body temperature of the battery, improve the energy storage efficiency and extend the service life; It can detect the temperature of the transformer terminal to prevent cable faults and fire accidents caused by overheating, prolong the service life of cable terminals and devices, and ensure the normal and safe operation of the transformer.

Why Partner With GAIMC?

At GAIMC, we design, engineer, manufacture, test and calibrate products related to Electricity Energy applications. By choosing us as your sensor solutions provider, you will benefit from the following

Rich Industries Experience
With more than 10 years of industry experience, GAIMC recognizes the complex challenges you face on the Electricity Energy industry. Our team designs the right solutions to help you overcome challenges, reduce operating costs or address security concerns.
Excellent Product Quality
We aim to helping you achieve safe and reliable operations on Electricity Energy industry. Our product solutions provide optimal performance and comply with all relevant regulatory standards. They are intrinsically safe, explosion-proof and flameproof and are ATEX, CE, RoHS certified.
Easy to use
You can get easy-to-use solutions. We provide different solutions for different use environments, to maximize the cost performance and easy to install.
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