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GAIMC welcomes the customization of your brand exclusive products, customization, not only to avoid the pressure of homogenization competition in the industry, but also to improve the recognition of your company's products, the formation of brand effect.

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Customization Principle

According to the special needs of customers for product functions and features, product appearance and other aspects, we provide in-depth customization services, and the customization scope covers a wide range, such as product range, output, power supply, wiring and other special needs, to meet the full range of customer customization needs; At the same time, for all product specifications and cover LOGO, product marking, etc. can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

Solutions Provided

Customers can feedback their demand for the product to us, no matter the appearance or functional features of the requirements or provide relevant drawings, our company will be in accordance with this demand for in-depth customization.

Comprehensive Strict After-Sales
Support System

For cooperation customers require our OEM/ODM products, we will fully cooperate with you to solve a series of problems related to the use and installation of products after delivery. During the warranty period, we will repair or replace the products caused by the quality of our products. If the product is damaged due to the improper use of the product by the customer, we will actively cooperate with the customer to solve the problem of using the product, but the related costs arising therefrom shall be borne by the customer.

Customization Principle
Customized single order has the MOQ requirements, the quantity is subject to the customer's customized products, and needs to be connected with relevant sales according to the contract agreement production.
As a factory, trader or brand long-term cooperation, can be customized according to requirements.
Product design is unique, but do not want to use the market program, can be customized according to specific requirements.
Products such as special function assistance, development of new areas, can assist in the discussion and research of customized solutions.
Customization Details
ONE Scheme Optional

Solutions can be selected according to our existing brand categories, and there are multiple products to choose from under the same brand.

TWO Appearance Customizable

Product mold, structure, size, dimension, cable, function extension, etc.

THREE Materials Customizable

Under the premise of ensuring quality, experimental data are required, which can be based on existing materials or specified materials.

FOUR Logo Customizable

Can be printed on the product or label identification.

FIVE Packaging Customizable

Multilingual packaging at home and abroad can be customized according to requirements.

Customization Principle
Customer Consultation
Demand Analysis
Design Scheme Confirmation
Product Proofing
Sample Testing
Mass Production
What Our Clients Say?

As the trend of global economic integration continues to strengthen, GAMICOS has been OEM production for many domestic and foreign enterprises, improve the visibility and recognition of customers' own brands in the local market, and get the praise of domestic and foreign customers.

Brian Customers From The UK
The engineering team is very competent and provided me a very custom solution at a very good price. Great team to work with on this and future projects.
Thomas Customer From Germany
The quality and expertise of GAIMC is of very high standard. The contact is very friendly and the service was excellent. We ordered the sensor but with a custom cable, which was delivered nicely packaged including separate connextors
Benjamin Customers From Australia
Pefect, that makes me happy, GAIMC seems to be very flexible company. I can’t believe that we can import such good sensor quality of the products and packages from China. That isn’t the standard. I am very happy that i know you.


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