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GAIMC is a high-tech Internet brand focusing on temperature, water quality and wireless measurement, integrating R&D, production and sales. It is committed to becoming an excellent brand service provider in the industrial control and measurement industry.

At present, it mainly produces temperature sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, temperature transmitters, thermometers, water quality analyzers, etc.

Worldwide Coverage
Over The years, The Products Have Been Sold To More Than 100 Countries And Regions Such As The United States, India, Russia, Germany, Australia, Brazil, Portugal, Saudi Arabia and South Africa, Serving Thousands Of Customers Every Year. To Meet The Needs Of Diverse Users, The Brand Also Provides OEM And ODM Services.
OEM/ODM Service

To meet the user diversified requirement, GAIMC provide the high quality OEM/ODM processing services for global companies, which regards as one of the core services of the company long-term development. All OEM/ODM requirement is responsible by a dedicated team of product development and regulatory.

Guarantee to custom models, parameters, labels, brochures, packaging, etc., and quality control by strict quality inspection according to your request. We will wholeheartedly in accordance with the needs of customers to provide first-class quality and service, help you easily create your own brand.

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R&D Ability

Since its establishment, GAIMC has always adhered to the scientific concept of development, and has taken technology research and development and talent training as the company's development goals.

A special technology research and development department has been set up, and a technical research and development team with high education and strong innovation ability has been established to continuously improve the professional knowledge and innovation ability of R&D personnel.

Production Capacity

At the same time pay attention to the development of new products. Every year, a lot of money is invested in research and development of new products, and great results have been achieved. Among them, it has obtained three patent certificates and designed a variety of models for various application fields.

In the new product development work, GAIMC according to technological development and market demand, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic research institutes, through the introduction of science and cooperative development, so that scientific research results into productivity as soon as possible, to create benefits for enterprises.

Electrical Fast Transient Shock Test
Power Magnetic Field
Random Vibration
Sinusoidal vibration
Wet Heat Storage Test
Salt Spray Test
High-Voltage Insulation Test
Insulation Resistance Test
High and Low Temperature Test
Surge Immunity Testing
Temperature Test
Impact Testing
Salt spray Testing
Contact Discharge
Exhaust Test
Quality Management

Aiming at providing more functional, beautiful and high customer preference sensor products,GAIMC sensors have passed 26 strict quality inspection procedures, Meanwhile, we are an ISO9001 authorized company and our products are certificated with CE, FCC, RoHS, EX, REACH, CSS etc., meeting the daunting and demanding requirements of global security industry.

Our aim


GAIMC Advocates The Value Concept Of Customer First, Employees Have Advanced Service Awareness, Stand On The Customer's Standpoint To Think About The Problem, Is Committed To Provide You With First-class Purchase Experience.


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