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01. I know my application but i am not sure which sensor is suitable for me, how can i to do?

If you are unsure about which sensor is suitable for your application, here are a few steps you can take to determine the right sensor:

Define your application requirements: Clearly identify what you need the sensor to measure or detect. Consider factors like range, accuracy, measuring medium, output signal process connection and environmental conditions etc.

· Confirm the environment of  the sensor (is the sensor in a hazardous location, are there environmental conditions to account for, etc.). Understanding the approvals and certifications required can quickly filter the types of sensors available and make the decision easier.

· Are there space limitations such as an enclosure?

· Is the output signal predetermined by an existing set up or is it open to options? What types of supply voltages are available to power the sensor?

· Are there mechanical installation preferences for installing the sensor, such as a specific threaded process connection?

· Are there any special material requirements for the sensor in terms of compatibility with the liquid or gas being measured? For example, if water is being measured, what type of water? Is it chlorinated, tap water, or salt water? If measuring oil and gas pressure, is there hydrogen sulfide and at what concentration? If the sensor is going to be submerged, what are all of the materials that it will come into contact with?

These bullets are not intended to intimidate, but rather guide to the best solution. We understand sensor selection can be confusing with all the different varieties available. Please call us at 86-17791581662. A sales specialist will go over your requirements and walk you through the ideal sensor configuration.

Learn More: Selecting A Pressure Sensor or Level Sensor – A How To Guide.

02. Can GAIMC provide technical support and assistance during the installation and operation of its products?

Yes, GAIMC provides technical support during the installation and operation of its products. We understand that customers may require guidance or assistance at various stages of the product lifecycle. And our technical support team is available to answer customer inquiries, provide instructions & troubleshooting assistance, and address any technical issues that may arise.


Customers can reach out us through emails, phones, or online chat. For after-sales issues, we will response within 1 hour and offer you satisfactory solutions.

03. Do you accept exchange or refund? 

GAMICOS requires that all products returned must have a strict process review, the specific audit process is as follows:

  • Timely feedback communication, After the purchase of products found problems or dissatisfaction, you can give priority to contact the sales manager to cooperate in analysis and solution.
  • Submit a return or exchange request, After communicating with the sales, it is still impossible to determine and solve the product problem. If there is a demand for return or replacement, please explain the reasons and requirements for return or replacement to us.
  • Review return and exchange applications, We will review the return request to confirm compliance with the return policy. If the conditions are met, we will agree to return the goods and provide relevant guidance.
  • Prepare return and exchange items, The customer needs to prepare the product to be returned or exchanged and ensure that the product is intact, undamaged and accompanied by proof of original purchase.
  • Express return and exchange items, Customers can choose to send the returned goods back to our company by express, clear shipping information or express tracking number.
  • Processing a refund or exchange: In the case of a refund, we will conduct a refund operation in accordance with the return and exchange policy and refund the money to the customer. If it is a replacement, we will send the new product to the customer according to the customer's requirements.

During the evaluation stages, it is possible that the product will be disassembled to investigate for root cause. This is typically a destructive process and it is not possible to re-assemble. If the root cause is found to be manufacturer related, a replacement will be offered.

GAMICOS will not be held responsible for product returned without no specific reason. Returns without the proper process are subject to rejection and returned at the customers expense.

04. What are your shipping options?

Our shipping options may vary depending on the location and the nature of the product being shipped. 

Here are some common shipping options we offer: 

DHL,Fedex,UPS,TNT, EMS etc. The specific freight is quoted directly with the official preferential price. If you need to arrange payment at destination or other partners, which can also adjust flexibly.

05. What are your payment methods?

We accept several payment methods, including: T/T , Trade Assurance, Paypal, Cash etc. Please note that the availability of payment methods may vary depending on your location and the specific product or service you are purchasing. Our sales team will provide you with detailed payment instructions and options during the ordering process.

06. What is your delivery time?

Our delivery time can vary depending on the specific product and quantity ordered. Generally, for standard products, the delivery time is around 10 working days. However, for OEM customization or larger orders, the delivery time may be longer and will be communicated to you during the ordering process.

07. Do you accept OEM customization?

Yes, we accept OEM customization, including the sensor's range, output signal, electrical connections, installation options and housing. We have the ability to develop custom sensors to meet the specific requirements of your particular application.

So Please provide us with your specific requirements and we will work with you to create a customized solution.


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