• GUF120A-W

GUF120A-W Ultrasonic flow meter

GUF120A-W wall-mounted ultrasonic flow meter is based on the principle of ultrasonic time difference and measures the volume flow of single uniform liquids such as tap water and recycled water. It has the characteristics of high precision, forward and reverse measurement, and installation without broken pipes. It is widely used in various application scenarios such as sewage treatment, industrial water supply, urban water supply, tap water treatment, food and beverage, etc.

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Medium: single uniform liquid (water, seawater, etc.)



Flow velocity range: 0~±7m/s

Temperature range: -30~+160℃

Output communication: 4-20mA, pulse, RS485

Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC

Data storage: SD card (optional)

Non-invasive measurement

no pressure loss, no pipe damage

The ultrasonic flowmeter clamps the sensor onto the outer wall of the pipeline to measure flow. It does not require direct contact with the liquid, does not cause resistance or contamination to the fluid, and does not require damaging the pipeline, changing the pipeline structure or cutting off the fluid. There is no need to stop production on site. shutdown. The overall measurement accuracy is high, easy to install, and has a wide range of applications.

Massive data storage

Daily, yearly and monthly cumulative amount

The ultrasonic flowmeter has a built-in day-month-year totalizer, which can store and view the net cumulative flow rate on any day in the previous 64 days, in any month in the previous 64 months, and in any year in the previous 5 years. At the same time, an optional large-capacity SD card can store data for more than 10 years, and the storage data type can be freely set to facilitate data storage and statistical analysis.

Customer Case

Industrial water flow monitoring


Industrial water refers to water resources used in industrial production processes, mainly used for cooling, cleaning, processing, manufacturing, etc. Generally, the demand for water is very large, so it is necessary to strengthen water management by monitoring flow, improve water resource utilization efficiency, and reduce water waste and pollution.


Monitor the water flow in the industrial production process in real time through the GUF120A-W ultrasonic flowmeter, and transmit the relevant data to the back-end monitoring system through RS485, or upload the data to the cloud platform through the wireless acquisition module to achieve remote real-time management and monitoring for reasonable Arrange water use plans, or take timely measures to repair abnormal situations such as water leakage, so as to avoid wastage of water resources and improve water resource utilization efficiency.

Industrial water monitoring systems features

1. Non-intrusive measurement, no need to break pipes or shut down production.

2. Various sensor specifications available, Measure more accurately.

3. Host IP67, sensor IP68, strong dustproof and waterproof capabilities.

4. Optional DTU wireless transmission module can realize data cloud monitoring.

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