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Ultrasonic Flowmeter Common Problems


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Ultrasonic flowmeter is a non-contact measurement equipment, the measurement of components without wear and tear, and the medium density, dielectric constant, conductivity, within a certain range of high accuracy, but not for high temperature and high pressure , The interface has fluctuations, bubbles, bubbles, dusty occasions.

The following questions are for your reference:

Q1: instantaneous flow meter fluctuations

A   the signal intensity fluctuations;         B   its own measurement of fluid fluctuations;

Solution: Adjust the position of the probe to improve the signal strength (maintained at above 3%) to ensure the signal strength is stable. If the fluid fluctuates greatly, the position is not good and the point is selected again to ensure the 5D working condition before 10D.

Q2:clamp-type ultrasonic flow meter signal is low

Pipe diameter is too large, serious pipeline scaling, or choose to install the wrong way.

Solution: For pipe diameter is too large, serious scaling, it is recommended to use plug-in probe, or choose "Z" type installation.

Q3:plug-in probe signal to reduce the use of a period of time?

Probe may be offset or probe surface scale thick.

Solution: readjust the probe position, clean the probe launch surface.

Q4:boot no display

Check the power properties of the instrument corresponds to the rated value, whether the fuse blown, such as the above is not recommended, it is recommended to send the instrument back to our company by professional and technical personnel check.


Q5: after boot the instrument only backlight, no characters display

This situation is generally lost program chip, it is recommended to send the instrument back to our company for processing.


Q6: the instrument can not be used under strong interference in the field

Larger range of power supply fluctuations around the inverter or strong magnetic field interference, the ground line is not correct.

Solution: Provide a stable power supply to the meter. The ultrasonic flow meter should be installed away from the inverter and strong magnetic interference, and have a good grounding line.