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Vortex Flow Meter installation

Installation and use

GVF100 vortex flowmeter is widely used in the measurement and control of superheated steam, saturated steam, compressed air and general gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, natural gas, coal gas, etc.) in the petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, thermal, textile, papermaking and other industries. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the installation of the turbine flowmeter must strictly follow the relevant installation specifications.

1.Requirements for installation conditions:

(1)The power supply of the instrument should avoid strong current equipment, high frequency equipment, and strong switching power supply equipment as much as possible.

(2)Avoid the direct influence of high-temperature heat sources and radiation sources. If installation is necessary, insulation and ventilation measures must be taken.

(3)Avoid high humidity environment and strong corrosive gas environment. If installation is necessary, ventilation measures are required.

(4)Avoid installing on pipelines with strong vibration as much as possible. If installation is necessary, pipe fastening devices must be installed at the upstream and downstream 2D, and shock-proof pads should be added to enhance the seismic effect.

(5)It is best to install indoors. When installing outdoors, you should pay attention to waterproofing. Pay special attention to bending the cable into a U shape at the electrical interface to prevent water from entering the amplifier case along the cable.

(6)There should be ample space around the installation point of the instrument for regular maintenance of the junction box.

2. Installation point selection

(1)The installation point of the sensor should be a straight pipe section where the medium flows smoothly


(2)The inner diameter of the upstream and downstream piping should be the same. If there is a difference, the pipe inner diameter Dp and the vortex flowmeter inner diameter Db should satisfy the following relationship: 0.98Db≤Dp≤1.05Db. The upstream and downstream piping should be concentric with the inner diameter of the flow meter, and the difference in axis between them should be less than 0.05Db.

(3)The gasket between the instrument and the flange should not protrude into the pipe during installation, and its inner diameter should be 1-2mm larger than the inner diameter of the meter.

(4)Installation design of pressure control and temperature measurement holes: When the pipe under test needs to be installed with temperature and pressure transmitters, the pressure measurement holes should be set at 3-5D downstream, and the temperature measurement holes should be set at 6-8D downstream.

(5)The instrument can be installed horizontally, vertically or inclinedly on the pipeline.

(6)When measuring gas, install the instrument in the vertical pipeline, the gas flow direction is not limited. However, if the pipe contains a small amount of liquid, in order to prevent the liquid from entering the meter measuring tube, the airflow should flow from bottom to top.

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