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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Fixed Buckled ultrasonic flow meter

1. Special for small pipe
2. It can measure small pipe 1/4'' pipe, φ6.35-100.
3. Small body with less weight, easy to ship
4. clamp on and measure, integrated type, Easy to install.
5. Only 2-3 minutes to complete the whole process.

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GUF300 Fixed Buckled ultrasonicc flow meter adopts an integrated structure design, no moving parts, no pressure loss, and it can be easily installed with only four screws. No need to break the pipe, no need to stop production, it can be directly buckled on the pipe to achieve flow measurement. With an intelligent operating system, configuration settings and data processing can be completed simply and quickly without professional knowledge. It is widely used in flow monitoring in the pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cleaning and other industries.



★ With unique patented innovation in special small pipe fluid measurement.

★ It can measure small pipe 1/4'' pipe, φ6.35-100. 

★ Small body with less weight, easy to ship.

★ Clamp on and measure, integrated type, very easy to install.

★ Remaining stable processing and supporting with various material pipes.






For both fluid measurement and monitoring, GUF300 shows highly effective measurement ability for remaining stable processing and supporting with various material pipes and sizes. Also satisfifies different clean fluid measurements: various acids, alcohols, chemical solvents, alcohol, beverage water, Coca-Cola water, etc.


GUF300 has advantages in small pipe measurement compared to other competitors.

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PrincipleTransit- time ultrasonic flowmeter
Pipe sizeφ6.35/φ9.53/φ12.7/φ15/φ20/φ25/φ32/φ40/φ50/φ63/φ75/φ90
Diameter DN15~6000mm
Flow range0.1~5.0 m/s
Analog output4-20mA, Maximum load: 600Ω
Alarm outputHost:IP67;flow sensor:IP68
Power supply24VDC
Power & Data Cable length1.8m
ScreenOLED 128*64 display screen


Pipe materialStainless steel pipe, carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, plastic pipe
Case materialAluminum alloy
Medium temp.0~50℃
Ingress ProtectionIP54
Environment temp.0~50℃
Environment humidityRelative humidity 0~95%, non-condensing