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Install and use

Turbine flowmeters measure the flow of medium-speed, low-viscosity, non-corrosive clean liquids. In order to ensure the measurement accuracy, the installation of the turbine flowmeter must strictly follow the relevant installation specifications.

1.Installation point selection

(1)The installation point of the sensor should ensure that the fluid is full and no bubbles


(2)The installation point of the sensor should be a straight pipe section with stable water flow. Conventional straight pipe sections need to ensure the installation distance of the first 10D and the rear 5D (D is the pipe diameter).


2. Installation site and requirements

(1)The sensor should be installed in a place that is convenient for maintenance, and the pipeline is free from vibration, strong electromagnetic interference and thermal radiation.

(2)The horizontal installation of the sensor requires that the pipeline should not have a visually detectable tilt (usually within 5°), and the vertical deviation of the pipeline for the vertical installation of the sensor should also be less than 5°. In places where the flow cannot be stopped, a bypass pipe and a reliable shut-off valve should be installed, and the bypass pipe must be leak-free during measurement.

(3)Connect a short pipe to replace the sensor at the position where the sensor is installed in the newly laid pipeline. After the "line sweeping" is completed and the pipeline is confirmed to be cleaned, the sensor will be formally connected.

(4)If the fluid contains impurities, a filter should be installed on the upstream side of the sensor, and the pipeline should be cleaned and discharged regularly; if the liquid to be tested contains liquid, a getter should be installed on the upstream side of the sensor. The drain outlet and air outlet of the filter and getter should lead to a safe place.

(5)When the sensor is installed outdoors, there should be measures to avoid direct sunlight and prevent rain.

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