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Wireless temperature transmitter application

1.Monitor Temperature Remotely
2.Oil and Gas fields
3.Remote Temp Transmitter 433mhz

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Wireless temperature transmitter application



    GTT230/270 is a high-precision, low-power wireless intelligent temperature transmitter independently developed by our company. The product consists of temperature sensor, signal processing circuit, communication module and power supply module. It is powered by lithium battery and has its own protocol SWSN for wireless data transmission, without wiring or external power supply. At the same time, it can be used with wireless relay G2 gateway to realize cellular network expansion. It greatly saves manpower and construction costs, and is an ideal upgrade product for traditional temperature detection instruments.


◇High measurement accuracy (up to 0.2%)

◇Ultra long-distance transmission (normal line of sight 1km, spread spectrum up to 5km)

◇Ultra-low power consumption (1 minute sampling interval, battery life up to 10 years)

◇Multiple wireless transmission methods (SWSN, LoRa, 4G, etc.)

◇A variety of protection levels are available (IP65, IP67, etc.)

◇A variety of installation methods are available (thread, flange, etc.)

◇Optional explosion-proof (ExdIICT6)


1. Intelligent monitoring system for digital music room and cellar

It aims to realize the wireless remote data collection and monitoring of each wine cellar by the winery. Real-time monitoring of changes in wine cellar temperature, pressure and carbon dioxide, humidity and temperature change data of the wine cellar, and timely understanding of the production environment parameters of the wine cellar and wine cellar through data curve analysis, and accurately understand the fermentation time of the wine cellar and the production during the fermentation process The change of carbon dioxide in order to perfectly control the fermentation process and obtain better benefits.


2.Natural early warning system for coal pile and forage pile prevention

Self-heating and spontaneous combustion are common in the management of haystacks, sawdust piles, coal piles, and flammable piles. Self-heating and spontaneous combustion not only waste energy and increase safety risks, but also cause serious pollution of the environment by harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide produced by spontaneous combustion. The use of wireless temperature transmitters can realize real-time temperature monitoring in order to prevent fires.


3.Oil well tubing temperature monitoring

On-line monitoring of oil wellhead temperature, mastering temperature and pressure changes, analyzing the production level, productivity, fluid dynamic capacity and oil tank edge detection of the oil layer, so as to achieve high and stable oil field production.


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