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Temperature Transmitter

Head mounted temperature transmitter

1. High accuracy (≤0.2% or 0.2K)
2. Good stability (≤0.1℃/year or 0.05%/year)
3. Fast response (1s)

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GTM intelligent temperature transmitter is that can set the measuring range through the dial switch. It can receive thermal resistance (two-wire , three-wire, four-wire), thermocouple signal, and linearize the input signal, output 4...20 mA (two-wire system) standard signal, and transmit it to DCS, PLC And other system control equipment. At the same time, it can be used with HART handheld programmer or PC programming software to program the temperature transmitter configuration.

The product has a compact structure design, easy installation, high precision, good long-term stability, lightning protection and resistance to electrical fast transient (pulse group) interference, and high overall reliability. It is widely used in the measurement of temperature parameters in various industrial processes and control.



★ Multiple input signals (RTD, TC)

★ Multiple configuration methods (dip switch, HART, PC programming software)

★ Wide voltage power supply (9...30VDC)

★ Strong anti-interference ability (lightning protection, anti-pulsegroup, anti-radio frequency interference)







Slide switch + PC programmable

InputPt100, Cu50, Pt1000, K、S、R、B、N、
Temp. range270~+1820℃
Accuracy≤0.2% or 0.2K
Output4-20mA (two-wire)
max. load(Power V-9V)/ 0.025A (Output current)
Current limitation≤25mA
Power 9-30VDC
Response time1S
Temperature drift0.0118%FS/1℃
Long period stability≤0.1℃ / year or 0.05% / year
Operating temperature range-40~85℃