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ph controller

ph ec controller

1. Measure PH and ORP value
2. Intelligent menu operation
3. Automatic temperature compensation
4. Setting of upper and lower limit and alarm prompt
5. 4-20mA&RS485, you can connect it with different equipment

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GWQ series pH controller is one of the intelligent online chemical analysis instruments. It can continuously monitor the data and realize remote transmission monitoring and recording through the transmission output connection recorder. It can also be connected to the RS485 interface . It can be easily connected to the computer through the MODBUS-RTU protocol. Monitoring and recording. 

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★ Can be pH / ORP measurement, temperature measurement

★ Isolating transmitting output, with little interference

★ Configurable hummer and LCD backlight switch

★ Industrial controlled door keep, to avoid instrument halted


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GWQ pH controller widely used in continuous monitoring of PH value or ORP value and temperature in solutions such as thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food and tap water .

Our Successful Customer Case 1-Scrubber Tower;  2-Hydroponic planting/fertilizer system;   3-Hydroponics System;   4-Cleaning in place (CIP);   5-industrial wastewater;                 

pH & EC controller for hydroponic:To better understand the evolution of hydroponic crops.  So the hydroponic system needs to be monitored, Our automating measuring instruments are not only having sensors that can take readings at predefined intervals but also making sure that the reading from these sensors are stored so that they can be used for analysis and diagnosis later on. It provides reliable dosing when required to maintain a constant pH and ec level in a hydroponic system. It is on the job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and an alarm function and relay keep the requirement value.

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Why choose us?

We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you as a professional factory in the export of water quality analyzer,  Our activities cover a wide range of commodities, such as ph meter, dissolved oxygen meters,  conductivity meter etc.  Our products are superior in quality and moderate in price and are sure to be saleable in your market.  We have been engaged in the water quality measurements business with many countries for many years.  And in a very good position to supply most grades of ph meter at competitive prices and for good delivery.


GWQ-pH6.0 ph controller is our hot selling meter.

If you have any questions, please contact us▼.

Screen size2.4 inch LCD(128*64)  
Measuring range





Accuracy pH:±0.02pH,ORP:±1mV  
Temperature range 0~100℃ -10~130℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.5℃  
Temperature compensationManual / Auto (NTC10K)

Manual / Auto

(NTC10K / Pt1000)

Relay alarmHigh and low limit alarms each group (3A/250VAC),

Normally open contact relay

CommunicationRS485 (compatible with MODBUS RTU)
Dimensions (mm)96*96*110100*100*150
Opening size(mm) 92*92 92.5*92.5
shell protection/

Antistatic coating