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Comparison NTC/ds18b20/pt100

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NTC:NTC thermistors are resistors with a negative temperature coefficient, which means that the resistance decreases with increasing temperature. They are primarily used as resistive temperature sensors and current-limiting devices. ... NTC sensors are typically used in a range from −40°C to 300°C

DS18B20:The DS18B20 is a small temperature sensor with a built in 12bit ADC. It can be easily connected to an Arduino digital input. The sensor communicates over a one-wire bus and requires little in the way of additional components.-55~125°C

pt100:PT 100 RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) stands for Platinum 100 means 100 ohms at 0°C.they are used for accurate measurements as they ve linear temp. and resist. -70~500℃

Thermocouple:Thermocouples are made with two wires of different metals, joined together at one end to form a junction. ... As the temperature changes, the two dissimilar metals begin to deform, causing a change in resistance

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