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NTC Temperature Sensor

3d printer ntc temperature sensor

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3d printer temperature sensor probe assembiy is made with glass encapsulated NTC thermistor,which has response time and wide operating temperature range.This a high quality Japanese made NTC thermistor,which is ideal to be used in extruders or hot blocks.


• High temperature Resistance 

• Easy mounting

• Probe shape: Bent Type,Straight type, bullet type, cylinder type, surface mounting type, screw type and more

•Probe materials: nickel-clad copper, stainless steel, brass, plastic and more

• Designed for easy installation on the applications. Good level of water proof and durability.Constant temperature liquid bath and constant temperature air chambers, etc.

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                                     customized for you


R value  R251KΩ~1400KΩ (1K,2K,4.7K,5K,10K,20K,30K,50K,100KΩ)etc
B value  R25/50


R25 accuracy±1%,±2%
B value accuracy ±1%
Temperature Range-40~+300℃
Probe size Diameter:¢1.5~¢9mm;length:3mm~1000mm
Probe materialStainless steel, copper plated nickel, ABS, PVC, epoxy

Supply line number, using temperature range, outside diameter and material requirements.

ConnectorMolex,JST,DuPont,CWB,CJT etc.
shrinkable tubePVC tube,;glass fiber tube