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Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter

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GLM200 Thermal gas mass flow meter is an instrument measures flow rate according to thermal properties of gases. By detecting constant temperature difference of the medium, the flow meter is able to provide high accuracy measurement result.

Sensor part of GLM200 thermal gas mass flow meter is composed by two reference level Pt100 temperature sensors. With a bridge loop circuit, one of the temperature sensor will detect temperature of the flow while the other one will be constantly in temperature higher than the flow, thus measurement will not be affected by both high temperature and pressure conditions.



All gases (except acetylene)

DiameterDN10-80 (Flange type)DN100-6000 (Insert type)
Flow rate0.5-100Nm/s


Operating pressure≤10MPa≤2.5MPa
Power supply

Compact type:DC24V or AC220V≤18W;Remote type:AC220V≤19W

Response time


Output4-20mA output, HART,RS485 options.
Pipe materialCarbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
DisplayCompact type: 4 lines LCD display

Display content

Mass flow, standard volume flow, accumulated flow, time, accumulated time, medium temp., standard flow, etc.
Sensor materialStainless steelStainless / carbon steel

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