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Bimetallic Thermometer

Wireless temperature sensor

1.Monitor Temperature Remotely
2. Easy to install and easy to use
3. Wireless signal transmission, No field wiring is required. saving cost, Suitable for the field of difficult wiring.

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GTT230 wireless temperature transmitter is a high precision and low power wireless temperature measuring instrument.The temperature transmitter consists of temperature sensor, signal processing circuit, communication module and power module.Temperature transmitter with wireless gateway can realize the scene more wireless temperature transmitter data reception, with RS485 interface way forward to a third party data acquisition equipment, each gateway can support 32, 64 and 96 sets of wireless temperature transmitter data reception and management.



★ High accuracy, low power consumption.

★ LCD display,Small and beautiful appearance.

★ The measurement range is wide and the transmission distance is far.

★ High power lithium battery and long service life.Suitable for the field without power supply


GTT230 wireless temperature transmitter mainly used in mechanical, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical, papermaking, pharmaceutical, electric power, environmental protection and food industry pipeline temperature measurement and monitoring.

Wireless temperature transmitter for oil well project:

The client described their specific project, They measure oil wells, its impossible to predict the quantity of gas or liquid has the instant production. Some wells needs and external stimulation like a heat source (like a injection of steam) and some times temperatures are over 150-200C,Regular temperature external source is around 80-100C, their job it’s directly in a wellhead.After communication, The customer ended up purchasing wireless pressure, wireless temperature, gateway, and temperature transmitter with display,He said he was waiting for a big order from his client, We currently have wireless products for five oil well projects in Mexico, Wireless is the trend of the future, to solve the wiring problems, while convenient data reading and recording.

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Measuring range


Power supplyBuilt-in 3.6V lithium battery 
Standby  consumption<0.03mA
Accuracy0.2, 0.1 
OutputSWSN wireless network;GPRS
Modulation methodGFSK
Frequency rate430/470MHZ
Transmission distance1000m(open environment)
Work environmentTemperature:-20℃~60℃;Humidity<90%
Process interfaceM27×2 External thread;flange
Sheath material304;GH3030;GH3039;SiC-Si ceramic;SiC ceramic etc.
DimensionsW115×H210×D110mm(without sensor part.)