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Medical ventilator flow meter

ozone sensor module in disinfection cabinet

1.Air purifier
2. Hospital disinfection cabinet
3.Strong anti-interference ability
4. Temperature compensation
5. Low power consumption

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With the intensification of the new pneumonia epidemic, preventive measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently, and going out less have already been popular, but there are still many details in daily life that need attention, such as tableware such as tableware, chopsticks, lunch boxes, protective clothing, bed sheets, bedding Clothing, surgical equipment, and other medical devices require strict disinfection measures to effectively prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria, and thus play a role in blocking the epidemic. This must be disinfected using a disinfection cabinet.

The disinfection principles of common disinfection cabinets are generally divided into the following three types:

1. High temperature sterilization: The temperature is heated to 120 ° C by infrared rays for about 15 minutes. Through such high temperature, bacteria and viruses on the tableware are killed.

2. Ultraviolet disinfection: through the irradiation of ultraviolet rays, the DNA structure of bacteria and viruses is destroyed, making them lose their ability to reproduce and even die.

3. Ozone disinfection: Ozone is a kind of broad-spectrum and high-efficiency disinfection gas. It has strong oxidizing property, and it can oxidize at lower temperature, which can directly and effectively extinguish bacterial viruses. And the ozone remaining after disinfection will be oxidized and reduced to oxygen, without pollutants.

Obviously, although high-temperature sterilization is the most common sterilization method, the timeliness is relatively low. The effect of ultraviolet disinfection is related to the irradiation intensity and the total exposure. Ozone disinfection is not only highly efficient, but also pollution-free, without leaving harmful substances.


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GMQ series ozone sensor module is a general-purpose gas module that closely combines the electrochemical detection technology developed by our company and the excellent circuit design. The use of electrochemical principles to detect the concentration of ozone gas in the air has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high resolution, low power consumption and long service life. Built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation. UART interface output can be provided to facilitate the back-end reading data.


1. High sensitivity
2. High resolution
3. Good stability
4. Long service life
5. Strong anti-interference ability
6. Temperature compensation
7. Low power consumption


Resolution 0.01ppm0.1ppm
OutputUART output (3V level)UART output (3V level)
Warm up time3min30s
Response time90s30s
Recovery time90s30s
Working voltage3.7~5.5VDC5±0.5VDC
Working temperature -10℃~55℃-10℃~65℃ 
Working humidity 15%~90% RH 15%~90% RH
Storage temperature -20℃~55℃-20℃~65℃ 
Service life 2 years (in the air)3-5 years (in the air)