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Medical ventilator flow meter

The importance of flow sensors

1.Intensive care ventilator Portable ventilator
2.Detection micro flow accurately
3.breathing applications

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The importance of flow sensors


    In modern clinical medicine, the ventilator is an effective means of artificially replacing the autonomous ventilation function. At present, it has been widely used in respiratory failure caused by various diseases, anesthesia and respiratory management during major surgery, respiratory support therapy and first aid resuscitation. It occupies a very important position in the field of modern medicine.

The sir flow sensor is an important component of the ventilator.

    GFS131 is a new generation gas flow sensor specially developed by our company for ventilator. The thermodynamic principle is used to detect the flow of the gas medium in the flow channel. The new generation of MEMS sensor chip technology is used. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, fast response and good repeatability. It can accurately measure very small flows. Built-in temperature sensor for temperature compensation calibration. At the same time, it has a linear analog voltage output, which is convenient for the back end to read the data.

Air flow sensors principle

    The air flow sensor is designed to monitor the patient's breathing cycle and improve the efficacy and comfort of treatment. The sensor detects the delivered air flow and sends a signal to the sleep ventilator to reduce the speed of the fan when the patient begins to exhale, reducing the resistance of the patient during exhalation and avoiding the patient's discomfort.

    The air flow sensor in the ventilator has three important indicators: high precision, high resolution and power consumption. Gas mass flow sensors not only need to provide high resolution and accurate sensing capabilities in order to sense weaker airflow changes and more accurately control the air flow delivered to the patient. It is also necessary to strictly control power consumption. The low voltage loss allows the ventilator to be powered by the battery, which improves the flexibility and freedom of use. At the same time, if the resistance of the sensor is too high, the working noise of the motor will become larger, affecting the patient ’s sleep and shortening the motor Service life.



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