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Medical ventilator flow meter

Medical ventilator flow meter

1.Intensive care ventilator Portable ventilator
2.Detection micro flow accurately
3.Latest MEMS Sensor chip technology
4.High accuracy, quick response, good repeatability

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Current status of ventilator flow meter

    As new coronavirus outbreaks rage on and more seriously ill patients become infected with coronaviruses, the need for ventilators is at least 10 times greater than that available in hospitals around the world. GAIMC is accelerating production and rolling out high-quality ventilator meters to meet the needs of more patients.GFS131 Ventilator flow sensor has been optimized for respiratory applications.


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GFS131 ventilator flow sensor uses the thermodynamic principle to detect flow rate of the gas medium in the flow channel, with good precision and repeatability. Temperature sensors are built-in and every one product is calibrated for temperature compensation. At the same time, it has linear analog voltage output, convenient to use.


Latest MEMS Sensor chip technology

High accuracy, quick response, good repeatability 

Detection micro flow accurately

It is calibrated completely and temperature compensated

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Main Applications:Intensive care ventilator / Portable ventilator



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