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The importance of water quality testing in swimming pool


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    In the hot summer days, everyone likes to go swimming, because it can both cool off and exercise. Therefore, swimming in the pool is a summer choice for many citizens. It is just how to choose a pool with qualified water quality and health standards to ensure people's health and safety. ?


Today, let's take a look at some of the sensors commonly used in water quality detectors:


Conductivity sensor. Conductivity sensor can be said to be the most used sensing device in water quality detector. It is mainly used to detect the concentration of total ions in water, and can be divided into electrode type, inductive type and ultrasonic type according to different measurement principles.


PH sensor. The PH sensor mainly obtains the pH value of the water body by detecting hydrogen ions, and the PH value is an important indicator of the water body, and the PH value of the water body has strict requirements in various industries.


ORP sensor. The ORP sensor is mainly used for the oxygen reduction potential of the solution. It can not only detect the water body, but also detect the ORP data in the soil and the medium. Therefore, it is also the most used sensor in the application field. Usually it will be combined with the PH sensor. use.