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Air conditioner temperature sensor faults and solutions


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Air conditioner temperature sensor common fault


The air conditioner temperature sensor is a negative temperature coefficient thermistor, referred to as NTC. The air conditioner is used in summer. It is not illuminating. This suddenly does not cool. Is there a problem with the air conditioner? Is the compressor broken? Or the air conditioner is out of order. In fact, you may wish to check the air conditioning temperature sensor from the good start to see if it is malfunctioning and the air conditioner is not working properly. What should I do if I really encounter an air conditioner sensor failure?



1.Room temperature sensor: mainly detects the indoor temperature. When the indoor temperature reaches the set requirement, the internal and external machines are controlled. When the cooling is stopped, the external machine stops, and the internal machine continues to run.

2.Indoor tube temperature sensor: It mainly detects the coil temperature of the indoor evaporator, and prevents cold air, anti-overheat protection and temperature automatic control during heating.

3.Outdoor defrosting temperature sensor: mainly detects the outdoor condenser coil temperature. When the outdoor coil temperature is lower than -6 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes, the internal machine turns into a defrosting state, when the outdoor coil sensor resistance is too large The indoor unit does not work properly.

If the air conditioner temperature sensor fails, it will affect the service life of the airborne, so we must check the temperature sensor regularly. I hope that the sharing of the sensor expert network can help everyone.