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GAIMC is a high-tech Internet brand focusing on temperature, water quality and wireless measurement, integrating R&D, production and sales.


Measurement and control instrumentation for any application.

Smart Home

GAIMC temperature sensor in the smart home to play a role in the collection of environmental temperature data, temperature monitoring and control, energy management and other functions, for the smart home system to provide a more intelligent, convenient and comfortable living experience.

BBQ Air Conditioner Freezer Floor Heating

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New Energy Vehicle

Temperature sensors play an important role in new energy vehicles, which can monitor and control the temperature of battery packs, electric motors, ECUs and air conditioning systems in the vehicle to ensure the safety and performance of the vehicle.

BMS battery system Charging gun Charging pile Motor

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Water Treatment

Sensors are essential components in water treatment systems as they provide real-time data on water quality, quantity, and other important parameters. These sensors can detect and measure parameters such as pH levels, turbidity, conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, and various contaminants present in the water.

Tap Water Sewage water Industrial Water Aquaculture

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Food & Beverage

In the food and beverage production process, it is required that the measurement sensor used can at least complete a complete batch production process and the measurement results can provide accurate information for the operator.

Beverage Production Beer Production Dairy Production CIP Cleaning

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Electricity & Energy

In the process of photovoltaic power generation, the temperature of the solar panel can be detected to improve the conversion efficiency of light energy and electric energy; It can detect the terminal and body temperature of the battery, improve the energy storage efficiency and extend the service life

Boiler Steam Cycle Gas Power Station Solar Energy Energy Storage

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GAIMC can provide water quality analysis and temperature monitoring products, as well as specialized solutions to meet the specific application needs of the medicine industry.In the GMP pharmaceutical industry, at the preparation stage of the medium, pH, conductivity and temperature are detected to ensure that the microbial index of the buffer was in line with the standard, and normal pre-sterilization are performed.

GMP pharmaceutical Medical Instruments

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Cold Chain Transportation

Cold chain transportation is a low temperature logistics process based on refrigeration technology and by means of refrigeration technology. GAIMC can provide temperature and humidity products and solutions to meet the specific application needs of the cold chain transportation industry.

Vaccine Medicine Food Agricultural products

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Office & Industrial Equipment

In printer equipment, detecting the temperature of the print head can ensure that it does not overheat during the printing process, achieving the best print results and performance. Detecting the temperature of the hot roller ensures that the ink is melting and transmitting correctly. Detection of internal component temperature can avoid failure or damage caused by temperature problems, so that the normal operation of the printer.

Printer 3D Printer Disinfection Equipment Pipe Heater

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Oil & Gas

In the whole process of oil and gas pipeline transportation, the temperature change of oil and gas is monitored in order to adjust the transportation parameters in time to ensure the safe and stable transportation of oil and gas in the pipeline.

Oil Pipeline Transportation Natural gas pipeline transportation Petroleum smelting Liquefied natural gas

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About us

GAIMC is a high-tech Internet brand focusing on temperature, water quality and wireless measurement, integrating R&D, production and sales. It is committed to becoming an excellent brand service provider in the industrial control and measurement industry.

01Quality Assurance

Strict quality standards, good quality, professional tech support and after selling service.

02R&D abililty

Innovation and improvement makes products great performance and reliability.

03Product Solutions

Understand your needs and challenges, provide the best solution for you.

04OEM & ODM Available

Have your logo engraved on the sensor or design it differently.

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From easy-to-use general sensors to high-tech temperature sensors for specialists, our temperature sensors have a model for every type of user. In order to determine the sensor that matches your needs.

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