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Application of Temperature Sensor in Electrical Fire Monitoring System


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    The electrical fire monitoring system uses advanced sensors and wireless communication technologies to convert invisible and intangible signs of electrical fires into invisible and intangible signs through technical means to achieve the purpose of monitoring electrical fires. Send an alarm message before an electrical fire occurs.

        image.pngWall-mounted electrical fire monitoring equipment

    The electrical fire monitoring equipment, that is, the central monitoring host, can receive alarm signals from electrical fire monitoring detectors, can emit sound and light alarm signals and control signals, indicate alarm parts, record and save alarm information, and common electrical fire monitoring equipment. Can be divided into piano table and wall mounted.

    Simply put, the electrical fire monitoring system consists of the following components: electrical fire monitoring equipment, communication network, electrical fire monitors and detectors. The detector is a field detector device for detecting electrical anomaly signals composed of signal sensors such as leakage sensors and temperature sensors, either alone or in combination.


    Its characteristic is that the leakage monitoring is an advanced pre-alarm system. The electrical fire monitoring system is mainly to prevent the occurrence of electrical fires. On the one hand, the residual current transformers are used to monitor the electrical lines; on the other hand, various sensors, such as temperature sensors and infrared sensors, are used to monitor the entire building. From these two aspects to prevent the occurrence of fire.