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Application of thermocouple temperature sensor in gas stove flameout protection


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    At present, the domestic gas stove equipped with a thermocouple flameout protection device can effectively prevent accidental flameout and avoid accidents of gas spillover. The device has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, durable components and good reliability, and has been widely used in domestic and high-grade household gas stoves.


Thermoelectric protection of gas stove

    In the domestic gas stove, the thermoelectric protection device is mainly composed of a thermocouple probe, a wire, a solenoid valve assembly and a solenoid valve outer link. The probe, the wire and the joint of the thermocouple are processed into one body, the probe is fixed on the burner by a nut or a circlip, and the joint is connected with the solenoid valve joint; the electromagnetic valve assembly is composed of an electromagnet, a return spring, a gas valve and an outer connecting rod. The composition is installed in the casing of the combustion switch, and the control valve is connected in series in the air supply passage.


    When the combustion switch of the cooker is ignited, the thermocouple generates an electromotive force by heating, and supplies power to the electromagnet coil through the wire, so that the electromagnetic valve pressed by the outer link keeps the positioning when the combustion switch is turned on, the gas path communicates, and the normal combustion. When the burner is turned off for some reason, the thermocouple probe cools down, loses the electromotive force, the electromagnet coil loses power, and the valve closes the gas path under the action of the return spring.