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Gas demand continues to grow, flow meter companies are welcoming a good era of development


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    In recent years, China's natural gas flow meter market has shown strong development momentum. Benefiting from China's urbanization construction and favorable policies of the natural gas industry, the market for civil and industrial and commercial natural gas flow meters has experienced rapid development.

    Flow measurement of natural gas is required in all aspects of natural gas production, transportation and sales. The main flow meters are vortex flow meter, gas turbine flow meter, thermal gas mass flow meter, metal tube float flow meter , orifice plate. Flow meters, etc., provide a guarantee for accurate measurement of natural gas flow.

    In the future, the natural gas industry will benefit from stable policy development and the market demand for natural gas flow meters will continue to increase. If domestic flow meter enterprises want to have the right to speak in the flow meter market, it is necessary to strengthen the development of new flow meters, grasp the development trend of natural gas metering technology, and continuously improve the measurement accuracy, reliability and intelligence of meters to meet China's natural gas. Industry development needs.