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Application of ultrasonic flow meter in water supply industry


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    Ultrasonic flow meter is a very popular flow meter for liquid measurement. With the development of science and technology, flow meter is widely used in water supply industry. Therefore, ultrasonic flow meters play a very important role in the water supply industry. The flow meters are divided into two categories: raw water into the factory, finished water from the factory, water supply to the user and so on. 

    In the application of the traditional ultrasonic flow meter, the portable clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is often used to measure the flow rate, which is very common in the water supply industry. But when using appeared the related problem, should evaluate installed on site when using this method than ultrasonic flow meter of the determination of the uncertainty of measurement system, because the system uncertainty in addition to the precision of the ultrasonic flow meter itself, but should also include circulation area, the sound path distance and angle measuring deviation of formation of the additional error.

    The accuracy of the flow meter is actually the accuracy of the measured flow rate. Do not misunderstand or mislead the accuracy of the measured flow. Portable ultrasonic flow meter comparison method the total uncertainty of between 2% and 5%, with measurement geometry size of coarse or fail to learn exactly circulation area factor, system uncertainty even more than 5%, most of the water supply enterprise has noticed the portable ultrasonic flow meter installation position and piping and installation size is important, some enterprises set up a new flow meter, then measured with portable ultrasonic flow meter, and recorded the data, which is convenient to analyze and compare whether there is any change of fixed installation flow meter in the future.

    To ensure the accuracy of measurement, the portable ultrasonic flow meter transducer can also be changed by changing the installation position or mode to detect the flow condition of the field segment. Move along the pipe circumference two transducers, for example, check the average flow velocity in testing different position, and maximum velocity of place is likely to be the most close to the actual position of average flow velocity. Because the velocity distortion at the most asymmetric position results in the smallest average velocity reading, this is all the lab report argument is the proposed evaluation method, compare the transducer according to the method of Z and install the measured velocity V method, such as both vary widely, indicating a severe transverse flow, which is for signs of rotational flow should be given attention, take corresponding measures.