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Electroplating wastewater treatment


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Electroplating wastewater treatment description

    Electroplating wastewater refers to the rinsing and degreasing before industrial electroplating, electroplating, light extraction, and passivation after the water washing process. Various types of plating parts rinse wastewater, floor washing wastewater, plating solution filtration and waste plating solution, washing floors and plates, Various tank fluids and waste water caused by leaks in plating tanks or poor operation management.

    Electroplating wastewater contains various metal ions, common ones are Cr, Cu, Ni, Zn, Pb, Cd, Hg, Fe, Mn, Sn, Au, Ag, etc. These pollutants or their compounds are harmful to organisms under certain conditions. They all have a certain degree of toxicity, and even some are carcinogenic, so they must be dealt with reasonably.

    The treatment of electroplating wastewater has received widespread attention at home and abroad. A variety of treatment technologies have been developed to eliminate and reduce the discharge of pollutants through measures such as toxic treatment to non-toxic, harmful to harmless, precious metal recovery, and water recycling. With the rapid development of the electroplating industry and the increasing requirements of environmental protection, currently the electroplating wastewater treatment has begun to enter the stage of clean production process, total volume control and circular economy integration. Resource recycling and closed circuit are the mainstream development directions.

Electroplating wastewater treatment system


The sensor continuously monitors various data online, such as pH, flow, temperature, etc., and transmits the measured data to the monitoring center through the RS485 bus. It is connected to the computer through the MODBUS-RTU protocol to achieve monitoring and recording. Or use the wireless module to upload data to the cloud in a wireless way such as GPRS.

Product types: Electromagnetic flow meters, pH meters, EC conductivity meters, DO dissolved oxygen meters, paperless recorders,  temperature transmitters, etc.