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Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment solution


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Sewage treatment description

    Sewage treatment system is a treatment system that removes or converts the major pollutants in urban sewage and industrial sewage into harmless substances through physical, chemical or biological treatment methods, so as to meet the relevant sewage discharge standards.

    Sewage treatment system is composed of model, sensor and monitoring system, among which sensor is the weakest, most important and fundamental link in the monitoring system of sewage treatment plant.And because the sewage treatment process is a complex biochemical reaction process, so it involves a variety of instruments.

Sewage treatment system



The sensor transmits the measured data to the monitoring center by RS485 bus, or the optional wireless module uploads the data to the cloud by GPRS and other wireless methods.

Product types: Electromagnetic flow meters, pH meters, EC conductivity meters, DO dissolved oxygen meters, paperless recorders,  temperature transmitters, etc.