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Scrubbing tower water quality monitoring


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Scrubbing tower description

    The scrubber is a new type of gas purification treatment equipment, which is mainly composed of a tower body, a tray, a reboiler and a condenser. It uses the contact between gas and liquid to fully contact the pollutants in the gas with the liquid, and then separates the clean gas from the contaminated liquid to achieve the purpose of gas cleaning. The waste gas passes through a packed scrubber and is treated by a gas-liquid reverse absorption method, that is, the liquid is sprayed down in a mist (or small droplets) from the top of the tower. The exhaust gas flows from the tower body (countercurrent flow) to achieve the purpose of gas-liquid contact. This treatment method can cool the exhaust gas, condition the gas and remove particles, and then pass the mist removal section before being discharged into the atmosphere. Because its working principle is similar to the washing process, it is named washing tower. It is widely used in pretreatment of industrial waste gas purification and dust removal.


1) Treatment of various harmful gases such as H2S, SOX, NOX, HCI, NH3, CL2 and other odorous gases;

2) Deodorization device of sewage treatment plant;   

3) Process exhaust treatment in the semiconductor optoelectronic industry;

4) Waste gas treatment in the seepage water storage tank of the landfill;

5) Treatment of waste gas from incinerators and industrial furnaces.


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