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Petroleum Chemical Industry

Petrochemical industry


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Petrochemical description

    Petrochemical industry generally refers to the processing industry that uses petroleum and natural gas as raw materials to produce petroleum and chemical products. It is an important part of the chemical industry. The planes, the cars on the ground, the ships in the sea, the computers we use every day, the clothes we wear, all kinds of decoration and building materials, and so on are all closely related to petrochemical industry. It can be said that the food, clothing, housing and transportation in our daily lives are inseparable from petrochemicals.

    With the continuous development and maturity of the petrochemical industry, the demand for petrochemical products is also increasing day by day. Promoting the intelligent development of production management models has become the current trend and trend of the petrochemical industry. Only in this way can the petrochemical industry's Product structure and industrial structure to promote the sustainable development of the petrochemical industry.

Petrochemical system


The sensor transmits the measured data to the monitoring center by RS485 bus, or the optional wireless module uploads the data to the cloud by GPRS and other wireless methods.

Product types: electromagnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeters, oval gear flowmeters, rotor flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, turbine flowmeters, RTD, thermocouples, etc.


The petroleum refining industry is an industry that processes crude oil into various petroleum products through a petroleum refining process. Mainly produces gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil, lubricants, petroleum wax, petroleum pitch, petroleum coke and various petrochemical raw materials.


Modified asphalt is made by adding additives such as rubber, resin, polymer or other fillers (modifiers), or by taking measures such as mild oxidation processing of asphalt to improve the performance of asphalt or asphalt mixture. Asphalt binder.