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GWQ-pH Measurement--Macedonia(CIP)


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Case Description


Product:GWQ-PH6.0 controller+pH522 electrode

Application:Cleaning in place (CIP)

   Cleaning in place is abbreviated as CIP, also known as cleaning positioning or positioning cleaning. The CIP cleaning system is widely used in high-mechanized food and beverage production enterprises such as beverages, dairy products, fruit juices, fruit pulps, jams, and wines. 


    The customer is from Macedonia and is a company that produces parts for milk, fruit juice, beer and other liquids (such as chocolate cream, tomato sauce, mayonnaise, marmalade, etc.),


    He wants to do a pH measurement, For CIP systems, where concentration of acid is no more than 2,5% for phosphoric acid, and no more than 2,5% for caustic soda, pH sensor that can withstand 90°C(max process temperature for the CIP). After confirmation and follow-up with the customer, the final customer placed the order for PH6.0 controller and German imported electrode.

  Every facility's CIP requirements are unique, We are eager to cooperate with every customer in the industry for mutual benefit. See here if you have any needs or ideas, please feel free to contact us.

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