Industry Application

GMF100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter---Canada(Papermaking)


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Case Description


Product:GMF100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter


   As environmental protection requirements become more stringent, most paper-making companies have also built waste liquid treatment processes. Electromagnetic flowmeters are used in almost all sections of paper mills.

   The client spoke to our sales manager about the current state of the paper industry. In order to obtain different quality papers in the slurry ratio process, different slurry ratio concentrations are used. An electromagnetic flowmeter is installed in each pipeline participating in the proportioning to measure the instantaneous and total flow into the slurry mixing main pipe.




    Customers are satisfied with our products, and our sales manager providing technical support. At present,and we have served many customers in the hydroponics industry. If you are also engaged in papermaking , please feel free to consult us.