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GWQ-PH + EC controller---Singapore( Hydroponics System)


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Case Description


Product:pH controller + pH512 electrode

                 EC controller + EC1.0L electrode

Application:Hydroponics System

   Customer want use in a hydroponic system, will need EC meter+probe, ph meter+probe and 3x peristaltic dosing pump,and ph range will be 4.5-9, EC range 0-3000ms/cm. In addition, the customer proposes for the RS485,they would like to connect to computer like raspberry pi, or microcontroller like esp32, hope to get our answer.

     According to the requirements and questions raised by the customer, our account manager Shiena follow up and reply the above questions. For ph and ec meter, with the standard rs485 modbus communication, So if your raspberry pi or microcontroller could accept the standard rs485 modbus communication,that will be ok.GAIMC mainly produce pH and EC and other water quality analyzer, for the dosing pump that we dont produce them.

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    Customers are satisfied with our products, and Shiena is also continuously following up customers' use and providing technical support. At present, our pH and EC are very mature in the hydroponics industry, and we have served many customers in the hydroponics industry. If you are also engaged in hydroponics system, please feel free to consult us.

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