Industry Application

GTT230 Wireless temperature transmitter--- Mexico( oil wells project)


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Case Description


Product:Wireless temperature transmitter+ gateway

Application:Oil wells project

   The customer have a project for monitoring 150 oil wells, two points of pressure measurement and one temperature point, these 3 signals have to be wireless and travel to central device, This device has to be connected to internet and develop the signals in a particular IP place, In total they need 300 pressure transmitter and 150 temperature.

     Regarding the signal transmission of wireless products is very important, Our account manager Lisa explained to the customer that the transmission distance should not have the big obstacle (like the wall or big machine). Of course, the customer replied that their application environment is an open area (Only trees).

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    At present, in normal use of the instrument, customers are very satisfied with the product and expressed that they will establish a long-term cooperative relationship, In the future, we will continue to penetrate into different industries and bring better products and services to more customers.

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