Industry Application

GWQ-PH + EC controller---China( Hydroponic planting/fertilizer system)


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Case Description


Product:ph controller+513 electrode

                 EC controller+EC1.0L electrode

Application:Hydroponic planting/fertilizer system

   The customer application is hydroponic planting of cut flowers. During the entire growth process, the conductivity and ph value are monitored and the water pump is controlled to add mother liquor and acid to adjust the nutrient solution.

     Customers have professional nursery greenhouses, facilities and equipment, good environmental control, timely plant protection water and fertilizer treatment, and standardized operating procedures. At present, it is used to test its own projects and develop cultivation models and systems. If the experiment is successful, the program can be promoted and sold.

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    The customer purchased a total of 7 sets of ph meters and conductivity meters for testing. During the customer encounters wiring problems, our account manager cooper timely docked and solved them. The customer strongly praised the timely feedback of cooper and the professional and effective services provided, and hope to maintain good cooperation in the future.

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