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GTS200 ds18b20 temperature sensor---America (Smart Indoor Farm)


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Case Description


Product:ds18b20 temperature sensor

Application:Smart Indoor Farm

    The customer build smart indoor farms that allow people to grow lettuce and herbs, So need to look for submersible water temperature sensor that can be used in saline water, He had previously used the DS18B20 with a stainless steel sensor but have found that it oxidizes and corrodes, So this time he requested ABS food grade probe and need our support.

     After getting the customer's needs, our professional account manager gigi immediately responded to the customer and recommended a suitable product shape, which was recognized by the customer.


    He also raises questions that what is the waterproofing seal made of and how is the waterproofing seal applied? Then gigi explain the production technology. We connect chip with wire first, the probe is plastic injection molding process then. That's why this temperature sensor will be one - piece, no openning in surface.

    The customer finally decided to purchase the sample for testing, In the later follow-up, the feedback test results were good, and there would be batch reorders. However, due to the impact of coVID-19, the project was temporarily suspended,We will continue to follow up with customers and provide professional services and support.