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GTS300 pt100 temperature sensor---Australia(3D printer)


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Case Description


Product: GTS300 PT100 temperature sensor

Application:3D printer

    We have rich experience in 3d printer temperature sensors. So far, we have had many customers purchase temperature sensors and apply them to 3D printers. Today, we mainly share with an Australian customer.

    Before the customer has been using the NTC temperature sensor used in 3 d printers, because of the difference of temperature of 3 d printer, the inquiry demand is pt100 sensor, after receiving the customer's inquiry, our account manager shiena continued follow-up customer demand, and docking draw the drawings, our engineers to confirm with the customer, and reach agreement on both sides


    After repeated communication confirmation, the customer finally decided to buy 50 pieces of sample for the first time, the customer after receiving the samples for testing, feedback effect is very good, contact shiena order 2000 pieces, as of now, the customer has purchased from our 3 d printer temperature above 10 times, the customer is the Australian local manufacturing and r&d manufacturer 3 d printers. Looking forward to more cooperation between us

    If you are also an 3d printer project, please contact us !