Industry Application

GTS300 pt100 temperature sensor--- China(medical apparatus and instruments)


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Case Description


Product:GTS300 pt100 temperature sensor  

Application:Medical apparatus and instruments

   The first time the customer cooperated with us was to purchase 10 samples of DS18B20, which were used in the refrigerator, and customized production was made according to the parameters given by the customer. After receiving the products, the customer was very satisfied with them, and bought 500 pieces again one month later.


    Later, the customer consulted about the accuracy of PT100, and we learned that the customer left the previous company and went to a new company.  Now there is a new project to be purchased, which is used in medical devices.  The parameters given by the customer are still very detailed (current welding process for chips and cables, high-temperature adhesive tape for connecting parts, etc.).Because the final installation position should be placed in the hole of about 1.6mm, the outer diameter of the single wire should not exceed 0.55 mm.

    After several times of communication, the customer purchased 20 samples for testing. At present, this project is still in follow-up, and we are looking forward to the customer's batch return order.

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