Industry Application

Electromagnetic flow meter+ph sensor--- Malaysia(industrial wastewater treatment)


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Case Description


Product:GMF100 electromagnetic flow meter+GWQ-PH sensor     

Application:Industrial wastewater treatment

    The customer is purchasing pH sensors for use in sewage treatment plants and wants to know the durability and shelf life of the sensors. Their main project is industrial wastewater treatment. The pH range depends on the type of plant they are working in, usually in the range of 6-8, most ambient temperatures are in the range of 40 degrees .


    After learning that the client's application was sewage treatment, Cooper, the sales manager, recommended an electromagnetic flowmeter to the client to measure the flow of sewage, At the same time, the customer wants to add their LOGO information on the controller and the serial number on the electrodes to ensure the traceability of each batch of electrodes.

    In view of the customer's questions and requirements, we answered them one by one, and provided better solutions for the customer. Finally, the customer purchased 2 sets of online pH meters and 1 set DN40 split electromagnetic flowmeter.

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