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GTS200-ds18b20 temperature sensor--- France(Cold chamber)


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Case Description


Product:GTS200-ds18b20 temperature sensor

Application:Cold chamber temperature monitoring

    Customers mainly do Measure & record temperatures automatically! The inquiry requirements are very clear and the parameters of DS18B20 are listed, The most important thing is to have flat cables, the cables will be installed in cold chamber and need to pass the door.



    For the cable, which we offerd the TPE cable,with the thickness 1.3mm, The customer also responded by indicating Okay, Finally, the customer intends to purchase a sample for testing first, The following is the reply of the customer who received the sample, he is very satisfied with our product, and he is seeking the quotation of 500 and 1000 pieces.

    Currently, the customer's bulk order has been paid, is in production and will be delivered to the customer shortly.

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