Industry Application

GTS200-ds18b20 temperature sensor--- USA (medication temperature monitoring)


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Case Description


Product:GTS200-ds18b20 temperature sensor

Application:Medication temperature monitoring

    Customers research and development system can monitor multiple sensors per ambulance and that data reports to the cloud, The system will alert anytime a temperature falls outside of theacceptable,can monitor temperature in the patient compartment,the ALS compartment, the refrigerator etc.



 He inquiry 5 m DS18B20 with Hirose10 connector, It used to be buying parts and assembling them yourself, This time it's for a new project, He also asked about the 3.5 audio plug(is our normal and hot selling plug).



   Finally, after communication with Shiena, the customer manager, he still decided to adopt Hirose10 connector. However, since this connector was not a hot seller, the customer also accepted the minimum order quantity of 500 pieces.This customer has cooperated with us for many times and trusts our product quality and service very much. We will have more cooperation in the future.