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GMF100 Electromagnetic Flow Meter---Korea (Water Treatment)


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Case Description


Product:Electromagnetic flow meter

Application:Water treatment station

   A company in Korea purchased a split electromagnetic flowmeter from our company, which is mainly used in water treatment stations to supply water to the entire plant. The water is pumped up from the ground through a pump, filtered and transported to various workshops. The electromagnetic flowmeter is used to detect the flow and then is transmitted to the power distribution room through 485 remote.

     Since the lead wire of the split electromagnetic flowmeter on the customer site is not long enough, the virtual flow and the actual flow are not matched after being extended by the user. After communication and professional guidance, the reason is found and the wiring is reconnected, and it is now operating normally.

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    The electromagnetic flowmeter is meticulous and strict in every link of product structure design, material selection, manufacturing, process, production assembly and factory testing, so as to ensure a long-term high quality in software and hardware.

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