Industry Application

GTS200-ds18b20 temperature sensor---Australia(Food processing&cold storage chain solutions)


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Case Description


Product:GTS200-ds18b20 temperature sensor

Application:Developing a new app for aged care 

    This customer focuses on food processing, and cold storage chain solutions to help those in the food supply chain industry. Offer remote temperature monitoring systems in Australia.Perfect for regulating the temperature of freezers, fridges, display cabinets, and any other cold storage room or cold storage transport container.


    During the communication between our account manager with the client, she learned that the client was very professional and shared his idea of developing the app with us, which also made our cooperation very smooth.At the same time, we share with our customers our years of experience in this industry. As a reliable supplier, we will try our best to help customers to realize your ideas or requirements as long as you put forward them.

    The customer finally procures 50 samples of DS18B20 temperature sensor, and give us feedback as soon as receive the products,(they look really good(see below picture)),Of course, we are also very happy to be able to get the customer's affirmation, We are sincerely to work with each of our customers to make progress in the industry.

    In addition, We have served many cold-chain transportation customers, including low-temperature storage and transportation of vaccines. Vaccines are very important to every country recently, so we need to ensure the activity of vaccines in the transportation process. We hope everyone can grow up healthily and happily.(Vaccine temperature sensor