The outing activities of 2021 in Yan'an

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On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party, in order to build an efficient combat team, improve enterprise cohesion, inherit the red spirit of Yan 'an, and enhance the sense of responsibility and ownership of employees, the company organized all employees to Yan 'an City to carry out a two-day "learning the history of the Communist Party's hundred years of struggle, establish a new era of Gavin struggle concept" red theme annual group construction activities.

On the morning of July 2, after a long drive of about 5 hours, all the staff successfully arrived at the revolutionary base - Yan 'an. First of all, we walked into the revolutionary ancestors based in Yan 'an, and constantly open up the revolutionary site of date garden (later renamed: Yanyuan), feel the office and life environment of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and experience the spirit of hard work and struggle in Yan 'an.

The second stop arrived at the Yan 'an Revolutionary Memorial Hall, and under the leadership of the activity leader, they sang red classic revolutionary songs such as "There would be no New China without the Communist Party" and "Republican National Anthem". Standing in the revolutionary martyrs before the blood and sweat of this land, to feel the heart of this brave, tenacious struggle of the entrepreneurial spirit. Then, under the leadership of the militia docents, visit the memorial hall, listen to a history of the Red Army, understand the glorious deeds of revolutionary predecessors, inherit the spirit of martyrs, and review the revolutionary feelings. Deeply felt the revolutionary martyrs lofty revolutionary ideals, firm revolutionary will and fearless revolutionary spirit.

Visited the Yangjialing revolutionary base in the evening, saw the site of the seventh National Congress of the Communist Party of China often broadcast on TV, sacred and solemn.

At night, we stayed in Wenanyi Guzhen Fine Arts Hotel, which integrates boutique accommodation, special catering, theme cultural display and humanistic experience, and artist sketching base. You will experience the most traditional way of living of local residents - cave dwelling, and experience different styles of cave dwelling courtyards near cliffs, sunken and independent.

In the cave courtyard in the memory of thousands of educated youth, Gai literati held a warm and refreshing bonfire party, listening to the folk songs of northern Shaanxi brought by artists, singing and dancing together around the bonfire, commemorating the hard-won encounter of Gai people, and also singing the happy life brought to us by the great revolutionary martyrs.

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TIME 2023.06.07

The outing activities of 2023 in Li Mountains

In order to promote the spiritual construction of employees, adjust and relax the mood, enhance team cohesion, coordination and solidarity. On June 9, 2023, under the organization and arrangement of the company, all employees took a bus to set out for the annual Outing group construction activity in Lintong Li Mountain Scenic Spot, Shaanxi Province.

TIME 2021.07.01

The outing activities of 2021 in Yan'an

Learn the history of the Communist Party's hundred years of struggle and establish a new era of Gavin's struggle view

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