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GMF100 Electromagnetic flow meter

GMF100H electromagnetic flowmeter is based on the Faraday electromagnetic induction principle and is an instrument that measures the volume flow of conductive liquids such as sewage and wastewater. It has the characteristics of high precision, good stability, forward and reverse measurement, etc. It is widely used in various application scenarios such as sewage treatment, industrial water, urban water supply, tap water treatment, food and beverage, etc.

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Medium: Conductive liquids (sewage, wastewater, mud, etc.)



Electrode type: 316L, HB, HC, Ti, Ta, Pt

Output communication: 4-20mA, pulse, RS485

Power supply: 220VAC, 24VDC, battery

Installation: flange, threaded, Tri-clamp, insertion

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High quality pure copper coil

Good electrical conductivity, strong corrosion resistance

The coil is made of high-quality pure copper, which can effectively transmit current, resist erosion by various chemical substances, reduce measurement errors caused by temperature changes, and improve the vibration resistance and impact resistance of the electromagnetic flowmeter, thereby improving measurement accuracy and stability and service life. At the same time, it can also reduce the power consumption of the electromagnetic flowmeter and improve energy utilization efficiency.

Three-electrode design

Strong anti-interference ability and good stability

The sensor adopts a three-electrode design, which effectively eliminates electromagnetic interference caused by non-metallic pipes on-site measurement pipes, and greatly improves the anti-interference ability of the electromagnetic flowmeter. At the same time, stable and high-precision measurement can be ensured even when the medium flow rate changes slightly.

Customer Case

Sewage treatment system


Sewage treatment system refers to a treatment system that removes or transforms main pollutants in urban sewage and industrial wastewater through physical, chemical or biological treatment methods to meet environmental discharge standards or reusable water quality requirements.


By monitoring flow data in real time, sewage treatment plants can more accurately control the process parameters of each treatment link and improve treatment efficiency. In addition, electromagnetic flow meters can also help sewage treatment plants monitor the dosage of chemicals and ensure the rational use of chemicals, thereby reducing operating costs and reducing environmental impact. In short, flow monitoring is of great significance in the sewage treatment process. It can help improve the efficiency and reliability of the sewage treatment system in terms of operation management, equipment selection and optimization, energy consumption and cost control, as well as early warning and emergency response.

Electromagnetic sewage flowmeter features

1. Three-electrode design, more accurate measurement.

2. Dual-frequency excitation method, higher stability.

3. All-copper self-adhesive coil, strong anti-interference ability.

4. Split type IP68 waterproof, better protection.

5. Optional DTU wireless transmission module can realize data cloud monitoring.

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