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Industrial Background

    Temperature is one of the important factors for fish survival, and different types of fish have different temperature requirements. Temperatures that are too high or too low will have adverse effects on the health and growth of fish. By detecting the water temperature of the fish tank, it can be adjusted in time to ensure that the water temperature is within the appropriate range, thereby providing a good living environment for fish and promoting the healthy growth of fish.

Fish tank/Aquarium temperature solution

The dedicated temperature sensor for fish tanks/aquariums not only has high temperature measurement accuracy, but also can continuously monitor water temperature without manual reading, convert water temperature data into corresponding analog signals in real time and transmit them to the back-end adjustment system to realize automatic adjustment of the water temperature system.

Fish tank/Aquarium temperature sensor features

1. Injection molded one-piece probe, IP68 waterproof, can work normally underwater for a long time.
2. NTC thermistor chip has high temperature measurement accuracy, good sensitivity, short response time, and can quickly and accurately monitor water temperature changes.
3. The probe is small in size and will not take up too much installation space and will not cause interference to fish.
4. Suction cup installation, easy and fast installation.

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