BMS battery system

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Industrial Background

    BMS (Battery Management System) battery management system is a key technology used to monitor and control electric vehicle battery packs. Its performance and stability directly affect the life and performance of the battery.

    The main functions of the BMS battery management system include battery status monitoring, battery charge and discharge control, temperature management, battery balancing, etc. Among them, temperature management is one of the important factors affecting the stability and safety of the BMS system.

Product Application

1. Battery body temperature measurement: Epoxy resin probe, small size, fast response, good insulation, certain waterproof ability, good corrosion resistance and long service life.

2. Battery terminal temperature measurement: copper nose probe, fast heat conduction, short response time, high temperature measurement accuracy, good corrosion resistance, easy to install, and good long-term stability.

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Product Introduction

BMS temperature sensor is specially designed for Battery Management System by GAIMC, BMS monitors the temperature of the battery in real time through a temperature sensor, and adjusts the battery's working status and charging and discharging strategies according to temperature changes. By properly controlling and managing temperature, the life and performance of the battery can be improved and the safe and reliable operation of the battery system can be ensured.

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