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Advantages of Ultrasonic Water Meter

1. DN15~300mm
2. GPRS wireless remote reading
3. IP68 waterproof & battery powered
4. Applied to irrigation Smart water treatment

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Ultrasonic water meter advantages

Advantages---Compared with traditional mechanical water meters

Mechanical water meterultrasonic water meter
Market shareMainstream products, high market share, mature products, fierce competition, low added value of productsEmerging products,Low market share and high added value of products, representing the future development direction of Chinese water meters
AbrasionUse impeller rotation and gear structure to measure, there is wear. The longer the use time, the lower the accuracy. The verification period is generally 2 yearsThe measuring mechanism has no moving parts and will never wear out. The accuracy has little relationship with the use time, the general verification period is more than 3 years
Pressure lossLarger pressure lossMeet the minimum level of pressure loss⊿P10
Anti-blockingFerromagnetic impurities and soft impurities such as hemp wire, aquatic grit will block or jam the impeller box and gearsStraight pipe section is equivalent to a straight pipe section and will not be blocked
Measuring rangeRelatively small rangeLarge range ratio, suitable for users with obvious differences between peak and low water consumption
Output signalRequires additional electronicsNo need to add additional electronic device, can directly output pulse, 4-20mA signal
Communication InterfaceRequires additional electronicsNo need to add additional electronic devices, with RS485, m-bus and other communication interfaces, convenient communication network
Installation methodHorizontal or verticalInstall at will, horizontal, vertical or inclined
Applicable water qualityWater quality similar to tap water must be used, especially without rust, iron filings, grit, weeds and other impurities

It is not interfered by impurities, chemical substances, magnetic substances, gravel, weeds and other impurities in the medium

Starting flow

Higher, affecting the metering and charging of small flows, For example: DN20 at 12 liters/hour

Very low, reducing water leakage rate,For example: DN20 at 1 liter/hour


complex, There are many gear structures and impellers

simple, The flowmeter has only tube type and ultrasonic transducer



Product Show


DN15~40(thread type)



>DN50  (flange type)

Material:Casted ductile iron/Welded carbon steel



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